Some progress! But it's dark yarn and the fabric is curling something fierce right now, so no pics yet.

I finally got the hang of m1l and m1r, so the yoke of this already looks better than my Flax. (I love my Flax and have worn it around the house and to the game shop, but it's still a First Sweater.) Going from cotton/wool blend to pure wool has been interesting. I like it, but it's pretty scratchy.
The yarn for Stillwater arrived last night. Solstice Heather is a really pretty colorway, overall about the color of new denim, but you can see the purple and lighter blues when you get closer. I really hope the bestie likes it as much as I do. I also appreciate the center-pull Knit Picks sends. No winding!

I purchased the pattern this morning and will read it over tonight while I free up the needles for the sweater. I was only half-assedly working on a cowl anyway. I would much rather be working on the sweater.

The story of Vox Machina is coming to a close, and I have at least 4 episodes to watch. In addition to rediscovering the Historical Farm series from the BBC. I have so much to watch while knitting!
I finished Harvest! And it fits so well and the sleeves are exactly what I wanted them to be and I am filled with knitting confidence.

I have also purchased a SQ of yarn for a best friend sweater as she is going through Stuff and I would like to send her something warm and cozy. I am much less intimidated by sweaters now that I have completed one. Much as I am not terribly intimidated by socks because I have a pretty decent feel for their construction.

Adagio Teas have also taken over my life. (I cut way back on booze and needed something other than water to drink in the evenings.) Turns out that when tea is not purchased at the grocery store, it actually tastes good and not like hot leaf juice. Uncle Iroh was right yet again.
Why did I put off the sleeves of this sweater for so long? They're going to quickly! I might have a sweater to wear by the end of the month!

And, of course, I'm already looking at sweater patterns again for the bestie. Because she lives in a cold-weather place and is also going through Some Shit. 

I also have quite a bit of leftover yarn from this sweater, so bestie is likely to be getting at least a cowl, possibly also mittens, from this very squishy yarn. Spud & Chloe Sweater is a bit spendy, but it is a very nice wool/cotton blend.
I've finished the yoke and the collar shaping, I've got the sleeves on waste yarn, and I'm working on the length of the body! And I don't hate the project yet!

In other news, there are now 7 seasons of Archer on Netflix and I may have restarted a Leverage rewatch. (I may be about to start episode 8 of season 2.) 
I really dislike full length sleeves. I mean, I live in Texas, so it's not usually a big deal. But now I'm knitting my first sweater and I really don't want to knit full length sleeves. I know I would just push them up around my elbows, stretching them out.  It's not a huge modification to make 3/4 sleeves, right?

In other sweater news, I am officially done the yoke and will be moving on to the body, putting the sleeves on waste yarn. Exciting, scary, new and different!

I still really love this yarn and I'm still really excited to have my first handknit sweater ever! (Yeah, 3/4 sleeves are happening.)
I'm thinking it might finally be time to destash. I've got stuff in stash that I received from my aunt when they moved house and other stuff that I got talked into buying at Closed Yarn Shoppe that doesn't really work for me. (jerks) I know I can free up space if I just sit down and do it, but it's hard to get rid of yarn, even when it's stuff I will never ever use.

I know I have some Noro that needs to go. I don't like the way it feels or works up, but it's popular enough that I think I can find it a nice home somewhere.

The acrylic can probably go to a school or church nursery, right? Or just donate with the clothes?

And if I free up space, then I can buy new yarn. That's the way it works, right?
I started the sweater! I have a collar! I learned how to make a crochet chain provisional cast on! I also wound my yarn into a center-pull cake without a machine!

What I'm saying is, I had a productive Sunday. And I still really love the yarn. It's Spud 'n Chloe Sweater in the Firecracker colorway that doesn't seem to be coming through in the pics I've taken of it.

I'm making Tin Can Knits' Harvest cardigan as that is meant to be an easy pattern and I've really liked the other Tin Can Knits patterns I've worked.
I have not had much success in getting started on socks. I have what I need for fingering weight socks, but then I got the idea in my head that what I really want to knit is a pair of worsted weight socks. And all the patterns I have for that are cuff-down. I really dislike sewing up a toe and would prefer to not do that.

The blanket continues. 

I need to wind the washed skein of sweater yarn into a ball, but I think I'm ready to get started! I have a feeling I shouldn't modify my first sweater much, but I'd rather have 3/4 sleeves and that doesn't seem like a huge issue. Wish me luck!
I did the scary thing! I've never washed unworked yarn before, but I watched a couple videos and got my confidence up and it was just as easy as it looked on the videos! I used cooling/baking racks to let the air circulate around the yarn while it dried and that seemed to work great!

Now to decide on a sweater pattern. I have it narrowed down to three, so it's not still at 'the entirety of Ravelry' as my options.

I did not start socks, but I'm okay with that. I played an immoderate amount of Fire Emblem Heroes, finished season 1 of One Day At A Time, and knit quite a bit on the blanket. Socks will happen soon.
Well, I did make some decent progress on the blanket. I frogged some of the sweater and the rest is waiting for this weekend when I will have the time to wash and relax it.

Sock Madness starts tomorrow? Good timing for me, kinda. I need to have something other than the blanket and I pulled out sock yarn over the weekend. Some nice green socks would go well with Netflix, right?

Having some progress on socks sounds like a good February knitting goal. Totally manageable.
Blanket continues! I made pretty good progress between Christmas and New Year's, as I was out of the office and mostly watching Netflix. 

My January knitting resolutions are to continue work on the blanket and to finally frog the sweater I have had on hold for far too long. Possibly to use that yarn to make child sweaters, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
I'm scared right now. I'm a queer woman in Texas, so maybe I should have been scared all along. But now, with a bigot poised to lead the country in which I live for the next four years, I am fucking terrified.

To all those who are researching how to move out of the country, great for you. Don't gloat, it makes you look ugly. Many of us who wish we could move are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. 

To those of us who have to stay, be kind to yourself today and for the next little while. It's been rough, we're all tired and heartsore. Make something pretty just for you. Have that special treat now.

I think I will put the blanket aside for a bit and work with non-acrylic yarns. I will watch The Princess Bride and Labyrinth and Star Wars. I will treat myself gently.
The blanket is coming right along. It's almost enough to keep one leg at a time warm while I work a row.

Still searching for something good enough to watch, but not something I can't look away from. We might be going back to audiobooks soon.

Day 4

Nov. 5th, 2016 09:44 am
Knocked out another row last night!

The tiny goal is seriously helping me to just pick up the project. All I have to do is one stitch. That done, I already have the project in hand, so why not keep going for a bit?
 A whole row done! 

I do need to actually find something better to watch, though. Drunk History is only getting me so far and a Bob's Burgers rewatch isn't really doing it for me.

Day 2

Nov. 3rd, 2016 08:57 am

I changed to a new color and worked two full rows on the Slytherin Blanket! 
But I did set a completely reasonable knitting goal for myself. One stich per day, minimum.

And I did a whole row on the Slytherin Blanket last night!

I know I'll just psych myself out if I try the sweater thing again. The sweater I started two years ago remains untouched and unfrogged in the bag. So, the completely reasonable goal of a single stitch works really well for me. If I skip a day, it's no big deal, I can work at least two stitches the next day. Especially simple since the blanket is an adult-sized blanket and each row is well over 100 stitches.

Apparently typing all day at work really doesn't help knitting muscles. My hands were tired after just the one row. Knit more, grow stronger!
 I am 1/10 of the way done with the blanket! I think. I just started the fourth color black and I'm back to grey. It's looking less Slytherin and more Doublemint Gum. It's still nice, as mindless tv knitting.

Two very good friends of mine are moving to Pennsylvania on very short notice. She got promoted and transferred, and he is able to make a lateral move. (At least, that's what I heard last.) Now that they're moving somewhere with actual seasons, I need to get on with finishing the cowl for her. I have the bad feeling I need to rip it out yet again, though. Maybe the fifth restart of the project is a clue that I should perhaps change patterns. 

After I finish the cowl, I'm going to start Knitter's First Colorwork!  It's also a gift, but the coworker understands that I knit for funsies, not on a timeline. She also bought the yarn already. She took the pattern to the craft store and checked with an employee that she was buying something that would work and then the yarn appeared before me. So I've got time to figure it out. It should be fine, though. I definitely need to keep at least one faster/more portable project around while I'm working on the blanket. 
 I haven't been posting, but I have certainly been knitting. A few pairs of socks, a few hats, and a start on a cowl.

I have finally made cuff-down socks and will never do Kitchener stitch again. Fuck that right back to the hell-demon from whence it spawned. Toe up socks for me!

I have the yarn and an extra-long circular needle for a blanket! I cast on about half of the total last night while watching Call the Midwife. I should know better than to watch a new episode while trying to get anything done. I was sobbing by the end. Sister Mary Cynthia! So many feelings!

The cowl I mentioned is still not done, though I started it months ago. I've had to rip it out and start completely over three times. So, I'm taking my time and only working on it when it has my full attention. 

I'm hoping that posting about the blanket will keep me motivated to work on it. I know it's going to take approximately forever, but I really want to be able to gift it to someone. I can do this.
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